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200 More Agents to Enforce Gun Control!

With every passing day, the communists that run our country become the very tyrants our Founders warned us about.

You’ve already heard all about psychopath David Chipman, a life-long gun control shill and Joe Biden’s pick to head the ATF.

You already know that Chipman is gunning to weaponize the ATF against every-day Americans and make our lives hell.

Now Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee is doing everything she can to help accomplish that goal for Chipman! That’s why she’s pushing H.R. 121, legislation to create a 200 man unit in the ATF to carry out future federal gun control laws!

Every gun owner in the country knows that the ATF has a long history of attacking our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, not to mention giving thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartel under the now disgraced Fast and Furious operation.

Fact is, the ATF has become a political hack operation that is focused on terrorizing law-abiding gun owners, which is why Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced our bill to defund the ATF entirely.

But if Congresswoman Lee has her way, the size of the ATF will grow explosively, and if David Chipman is confirmed, he’ll have all the manpower he needs to set out on his anti-gun crusade!

Congresswoman Lee is part of the new leftists that occupy a growing number of seats in Congress.

These people don’t just want to modify the Second Amendment, they want to obliterate it, using our tax dollars to do it! That’s exactly what this bill is designed to do.

Please take action today by SIGNING the official petition that we have prepared for you, calling on your U.S. Senators (and your congressman) to oppose this legislation!

Our sources on Capitol Hill tell us this bill could get amended on to one of Biden’s so-called “Infrastructure” budget bills in the near future, so please show your opposition to this garbage legislation by signing now.


Christopher Dorr


American Firearms Association

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