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American Payment Processing

Our company believes in American standards and values.  We stand for capitalism, free speech and our children's education. Veteran owned and operated, we take pride in honest business, being treated with respect and our loyalty to our clients. We understand the value you bring our company as our partner and strive to be successful with your payment processing. 
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Receive the lowest rates,
most updated securities and excellence in service.


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We process payments for any business and protect your business from fraud to shut downs. Your businesses success is how we earn our money.


Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and strong national defense. Conservatism believes the role of government should be to provide the people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve their own problems. 

Recently businesses are entering the political arena and using the power of their dollars and branding to attack freedom like never before. Financial institutions and merchant processors are now refusing to process any transactions for companies selling firearms legally as well as apposing political ideologies. It hasn't stopped there, the majority of our customers are businesses just like yours that are being attacked for no other reason than false narratives and social agendas. This is wrong and we will fight for your rights.

A recent Harvard study found working business owners fell from 15 million to 11.7 million between February and April 2020—a drop of 22 percent. The impact on minority owned businesses was even worse. The number of African-American business owners plummeted from 1.1 million to 640,000—a 41 percent decline. Big Tech, major corporations like Amazon and Government social services are all profiting and thriving from these attacks on our American businesses. Now more than ever it is time to take a stand and align your business with your personal beliefs and values.

The 2nd Amendment is our most important right, as it protects our all other rights and restrains tyranny from taking hold in a free society. ​


2nd Amendment Processings purpose is to help American businesses that believe in the Constitution and support American values. We are known for our belief that every American business owner has the right to run its business how they see fit regardless of ideologies or agendas. This includes the products that it sells and who to do business with.

Over the last 5 years we have moved our efforts to lift up and support all businesses that hold conservative values. From Firearms, Cake shops to book stores, restaurants, auto repair shops and many more retail businesses, 2nd Amendment Processing has become a shining light in the fight for all businesses that believe in freedom.  

As a Veteran owned company, we will not lay down to anyone or any organization trying to suppress or take our rights. At 2nd Amendment Processing we give 20% of fee profit to the organizations that help protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

Even though we are traditional thinking , 2nd Amendment is not old school when dealing with technology and customer service. We embrace the newest technologies and can offer services from the most advanced processing hardware, POS systems and gateways.  

What are you waiting for? Its time to take a stand today and align your business with a merchant processor that has the same values as you.

Contact us and we will help connect you with the products that will fit with the way you run your business. We promise to make it easy and convenient. ​ 

  • Desktop terminal processing

  • Secure Gateway and online e-commerce processing

  • Bluetooth and mobile processing

  • POS solutions

  • Guaranteed lowest rates including traditional and No FEE options

  • 5 star customer service with direct human contact.

  • No long term contracts or large cancellation fees.

  • Partnerships with dozens of like minded banks and financial institutes.

American Business Owners Speak Out

Jorge Barrera referral picture

Jorge Barrera
Business Owner

My grandparents came to this country for the opportunity of prosperity and freedom. I proudly run the very business they started years ago.

julie newman referral picture

Julie Newman
Business Owner

My children see in me the values and success of hard work, not the trials of victimization.

Donovan Roy Referral Picture

Donovan Roy

Business Owner

My business and all businesses thrive on Capitalism. I'm proud to be a Conservative Christian business owner.

henry LaBlance Referral Picture

Henry LaBlance
Business Owner

I found myself shut down for no other reason than my political views. Thank you 2nd Amendment Processing for saving my business.

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Over the phone or online

If you have any questions or would like us to contact you, please fill out our contact form located on the contact us page. You can also schedule a phone meeting or contact us directly at


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