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Plain and simple, we are a veteran owned company that fights for your 2nd Amendment rights.
That includes the rights to do business and sell the very guns protected under the constitution. 
Payment Processing Solutions For Every Business.
CHAT LIVE NOW OR CALL 833-755-6696
CHAT LIVE NOW OR CALL 833-755-6696
Our purpose is to help American businesses that believe in the love of liberty and freedom.
2nd Amendment Processing is designed specifically to help gun dealers and gun businesses, however we are here to help any business who has trouble processing or wants to support freedom.
As a Veteran owned company, we will not lay down to anyone or any organization trying to suppress or take our rights. At 2nd Amendment Processing we give 20% of fee profit to the organizations that help protect our 2nd Amendment rights including the NRA & NSSF.


2nd Amendment Processing is known for its belief that every American business owner has the right to run its business how they see fit regardless of ideologies or agendas. This includes the products that it sells and who to do business with.


We believe that the 2nd Amendment is our most important right. We believe this as it protects our other rights and restrains tyranny from taking hold in a free society. 

Tyranny can be imposed by more than just a government and recently we have witnessed businesses entering the political arena and using the power of their dollars and branding to attack freedom like never before. We are now seeing this with financial institutions and merchant processors as the majority of them are now refusing to process any transactions for companies selling firearms legally. This is wrong and we will fight for your rights.

Even though we are traditional thinking , 2nd Amendment is not old school when dealing with services. We embrace the newest technologies and can offer services from the most advanced bluetooth mobile processing to POS systems and gateways. 2nd Amendment can even help you with your website and marketing strategies.  

Contact us and we will help connect you with the products that will fit with the way you run your business. We promise to make it easy and convenient . 

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Our Services

Second Amendment Processing is all you need to be successful with your business. Whether you are looking for credit card payment processing, payment gateways, commence help, mobile payments, ATMs or you need finance services, we have the very best at our fingertips just waiting for you to take advantage of. Second Amendment also helps your business grow by offering in house marketing services and website design, 2nd amendment processing will always stand above its competitors as the easiest and hassle free way to do business. Call us or book an appointment today.

CHAT LIVE NOW OR CALL 833-755-6696
If you would like to talk with us about how we can help you, please book a time and a representative will help answer any questions you may have.

success stories

“We lost the ability to process credit cards literally over night without any warning.  2nd Amendment Processing, was there, approved us in 24 hours and at a better rate than our original processor.”​



“We were told we would have 30 days to find another processor because we sell guns. We now work with 2nd Amendment and have never been happier with our credit card service.”



 "We were surprised to find we received better rates than Square and PayPal...We should have changed a long time ago.”



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We cover the entire united states. No matter the location we will help you with your needs. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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Below are businesses that are doing their part to support the second amendment and what it stands for. show them some gratitude by choosing their services and support their business.


Official Statement

Due to the current war on free speech in America today there has been an overwhelming positive response to our company and its services. We would like to say thank you to all who support us and the 1st and 2nd Amendment.
If you would like to know more how you can support our cause please visit the following link.
We are in the business of getting businesses signed up for credit card processing. If that business is doing business legally, we will try and help. Our provision of services is not an indication that we either agree or disagree with the views held by that or any other business.
2nd Amendment processing does not encourage, support or agree with any organizations or individuals tied to groups of any agenda leading to inequality or hate. Our mission is simply to defend and uphold the constitutions of the United States of America, which includes the most important 1st and 2nd Amendment. 
In order to secure the 1st Amendment you must be willing to allow everyone, regardless of their view, to have the freedom to speak what they believe.  
You cannot simply pick and choose censorship based on the message that’s being spoken, even if that message is unsavory or underlined with hate. To do this would be the very fascist behavior our military and country has fought against from the very beginning.  
Instead, we welcome open dialog in hopes of learning and engagement. In the end we seek only to change hate to goodness.
If you are a business that believes in the constitution and want to support other businesses like these,  then we would love to ask you for your business.
We will dedicate ourselves to helping you achieve your goals and grow your business. We want to see you succeed.
We believe in the constitution of the United States Of America.
Thank you for your support.