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Building a Conservative Parallel Economy: Keeping Values in Your Wallet

by Thomas M Troyer, CEO 2nd Amendment Processing

In today's interconnected world, our choices as consumers have far-reaching implications. It's not just about what we buy; it's about who we support and the values we uphold. The idea of building a conservative parallel economy, one that aligns with our beliefs and keeps our money away from those with opposing values, has gained traction. This movement is about more than economic transactions; it's a statement of principles and a strategic approach to making a difference. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of fostering a conservative parallel economy.

1. Upholding Your Values:

When you make a conscious choice to patronize businesses that share your conservative values, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in principles. It's a way to ensure your hard-earned money aligns with your convictions.

2. Fostering Community:

Supporting businesses that share your beliefs creates a sense of community. It connects you with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs who, collectively, work towards common goals.

3. Strengthening Your Voice:

In a world where economic power often translates into influence, building a conservative parallel economy can amplify your collective voice. By supporting businesses that share your values, you contribute to a stronger presence in the marketplace.

4. Encouraging Accountability:

When you engage with like-minded entrepreneurs, you encourage accountability. Businesses are more likely to uphold their shared values and principles when their customer base consists of those who hold them dear.

5. Shaping the Market:

A conservative parallel economy can influence the market. By supporting businesses that align with your values, you incentivize others to follow suit or adapt to meet the demands of a growing market segment.

6. Economic Resilience:

By directing your economic activities towards businesses that share your values, you can contribute to the resilience of your own community. This practice helps ensure that your investments stay within a trusted circle, fostering local economic strength.

7. Spreading Your Impact:

As part of a conservative parallel economy, your economic impact is multiplied. Your spending contributes to a broader movement that stands for the values you hold dear, making a more significant difference in various spheres.

8. Mitigating "Cancel Culture":

Engaging with like-minded businesses can serve as a defense against "cancel culture." It provides a buffer that helps protect businesses from undue scrutiny and boycotts based on opposing beliefs.


Building a conservative parallel economy is more than an economic strategy; it's a commitment to values, community, and influence. It's about making conscious choices as consumers, aligning your economic activities with your principles, and creating a stronger, more resilient, and influential conservative presence in the marketplace. By fostering this economy, you contribute to preserving your values and making a lasting impact. Your money doesn't just stay in your wallet; it resonates with your beliefs and shapes the world around you.

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