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Trident 1 was founded by firearms industry experts who have transformed numerous industries by making it easy for retailers to accept payments online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and anywhere off-site business takes place.

Trident 1 is the revolutionary all-in-one Gun Store Software that the industry has been waiting for.

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Trident 1 automates key processes so that your Gun Store can focus on sales, eCommerce, and customer service.

Redundant data entry in multiple software products, manual processes, and nonintegrated third-party accounting has required Gun Stores to waste time on routine tasks.

Trident 1 Gun Store Software includes fully integrated functionality to manage every facet of your business with an integrated solution, including POS, distributor integrations, eCommerce, range management, gunsmithing, and compliance; e4473, bound book, etc., all in a single real-time cloud, one-stop-shop solution.

Are you wasting time on repetitive tasks in multiple
software products?

Trident 1 Gun Store software can help you save time, and money, and reduce data errors and duplicative manual data entries by automatically updating and populating data across your cloud-based software by leveraging process automation.

Trident 1 Gun Store Software is a cloud-based software built from the ground up specifically for Gun Stores and Gun Ranges. It encompasses full functionality for every department of the firearms industry, including:

  • Retail FFL POS

  • Range Management

  • Events

  • Training

  • Memberships

  • Compliance

  • Gunsmithing

The end-user and employee interfaces are clean, simple, and intuitive.

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  • Evolving time clock, payroll, and commission reports offer split commissions and seamless payroll reporting (supported by the integrated time-clock module).

  • Reporting features include lost sales, sold and retained statistics, age statistics, single members versus family statistics, lead salesperson data, and much more.

  • Automatically set recurring billing and initiation/registration fees.

  • Set up initiation and range fees for members and hourly rates with the ability to set unique pricing parameters as well as discount groups for military, law enforcement, and special events like Lady’s Night.


Electronic A&D Boundbook, e4473, Background Checks

Trident 1 Gun Store software increases efficiency while assuring compliance through partnerships with FFLGuard and FastBound. The fully integrated, seamless solution provides greater transparency into every step of a firearm retail sales process and ensures that ATF requirements are fulfilled. All bound book entries and background checks are fully integrated with the POS, eliminating redundant steps and data entry.


  • Gun Store Firearm receiving and sales automatically update the fully integrated FastBound A&D Boundbook through POS

  • Gun Store electronic 4473 form that automatically integrates into FastBound A&D book through POS

  • Federal NCIS and multistate background checks fully integrated via FastBound through POS


  • SECURE DATA: Exceeds ATF compliance standards (ATF Ruling 2016-1) for electric boundbooks on the Trident 1 Gun Store Software.

  • IMPORTER AND PAWN COMPLIANT: Extra compliance layers ensure compliance with NFA 2, 3, 6, 8 FFL types, and more

  • ELECTRONIC A&D AUDIT TRACKING: Automatically track any edits, corrections, and amendments, creating an audit trail to ensure compliance, all through Trident 1 POS.

  • GUNSMITHING: Integrated, ATF-compliant A&D book for overnight repairs.

  • TRADE SHOW SALES: Cloud software allows you to create and update the A&D book anywhere; track trade sales and store sales simultaneously.

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Trident 1 Gun Store Software has a stand-alone gunsmithing module that supports end-to-end functionality required for the most extensive jobs. Includes customer-facing apps with push notifications and technician images, status updates, and notes.



  • Robust reporting includes the number of jobs performed (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly), the average time to complete, and the profitability by job (minus tracked expenses)

  • Review daily lists of gunsmithing tasks including items against deadlines

  • Create printable gunsmithing barcodes or tags to attach to each firearm that includes job assignments

  • Status tracking identifies specific components needed for each build, the technicians to perform them, and the status of the build, job, or task

  • Reporting automatically retains list of serial numbers associated with repairs and will automatically create A&D entries when appropriate

  • Integrated ATF-compliant A&D book for overnight repairs

  • Technician-facing app to take and attach pictures and notes with a job

  • Automatically relay job status to the customer via an app, SMS, and email, including items that are ready to be picked up

  • Automatic notifications to customer when job is complete and ready for pick up

  • Create custom work request templates (cerakoting, trigger job, gun cleaning, etc.)

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